A mobile app to combat armed robbery in Ghana

Armed robbery in Ghanaian cities is on the increase. The capital city Accra tops the list. Now a software company has developed an SMS-triggered alert system to reduce the number of robberies in the country.

All that is required is a blank text message and the rest will be taken care of by a security system called “Hei Julor”. In the local dialect “Hei Julor” means “Hey thief!” It is a mobile phone based security system developed by leading Ghanaian software engineer Herman Chinery-Hesse and his company SOFTribe. By sending a blank SMS to the server, a security team will be dispatched and up to ten friends and neighbors will be notified of the user’s plight.

Chinery-Hesse’s invention was launched a year ago. He was inspired by the increasing use of the Internet and mobile phones around the globe. He was impressed by the way these tools played a role in the Arab Spring and he decided to make use of the technology to protect his countrymen against armed attacks and robberies…

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