SOFTtribe ERP Financials

A sound foundation is necessary to compete and win in the global marketplace. theSOFTtribe ERP solution supports the essential functions of your business processes and operations efficiently and are tailored to specific needs of your industry.

SOFTtribe ERP Financials

Meet today's challenges in finance with industry-leading financial management software in SOFTtribe ERP Financials. Complete, industry-specific, scalable and global – SOFTtribe ERP Financials enables your teams to address changing financial reporting standards, improve cash flow, and manage financial risks. Support your strategic business activities with these features and functions:

  • Financial and management accounting– Improve confidence in financial reporting
  • Financial supply chain management– Streamline customer-to-cash processes and improve control of cash flow.

SOFTtribe ERP Human Capital Management

Optimize your HR processes with a complete, integrated, and global human capital management solution. You get the help you need to attract the right people, develop and leverage their talents, align their efforts with corporate objectives, and retain top performers.

To increase HCM efficiencies, these key processes are automated:

  • End-user service delivery– Deliver multiple options of ERP services along with business content to your entire organization and beyond.
  • Workforce analytics– Gain real-time insight into your workforce to manage your human capital more effectively, and track costs and ROI associated with HR projects.
  • Talent management– Support people through every phase of their employment, from recruitment through training, development, and retention.
  • Workforce process management– Streamline and integrate essential workforce processes on a global platform.
  • Workforce deployment– Deploy the right people based on skills and availability, monitor scheduling and progress on projects, track time, and analyze results for strategic decision making.

SOFTtribe ERP Operations

For many organizations, the ERP Operations solution is the software backbone that contributes to achieve operational excellence in key business areas, including procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, and sales and service. You can streamline your day-to-day operations to reduce costs, increase revenues, maximize profitability, and improve customer service – all key benefits to sustain your competitive

ERP Operations can help you simplify, automate, and innovate the processes of your key operations:

  • Procurement and logistics execution– Manage end-to-end procurement and logistics business processes for complete business cycles, from self-service requisitioning to flexible invoicing and payment. ERP Operations can also help optimize the physical flow of materials.
  • Product development and manufacturing– Support the entire life cycle of product development and manufacturing. You can perform production planning, manufacturing execution integrated with shop-floor systems, product development, and life-cycle data management in a wide variety of industries.
  • Sales and service– Manage customer-focused activities, from selling products and services, to managing professional-services delivery and internal processes such as calculating incentives and commissions

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theSOFTtribe Limited (SOFT) is Ghana’s leading software developer based in Accra; it has vast experience in the design and implementation of computerized business application systems. SOFT has been providing cost efficient and practical business solutions to both the private and public sectors in Ghana and West Africa for over 20 years.

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