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Get To Know Who We Are !

theSOFTtribe Limited (SOFT) is Ghana’s leading software developer based in Accra with vast experience in the design and implementation of computerized business application systems. SOFT has been providing cost-effective and tropically tolerant business solutions to both the private and public sectors in Ghana and West Africa for over 20 years.

Today, theSOFTtribe has continued its unparalleled growth steadily and remains the leading business management systems provider in Ghana and West Africa. Since 2003, SOFT has partnered with leading global players in the IT industry like Microsoft to enhance its products and services.

Our Team

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    Technical Team

    Our technical team is the engine behind our success throughout these years. They are specialized in system development and design, training, implementation, testing of products and building custom and enterprise applications. They are also trained to solve corporate problems given the constraints of the Ghanaian and West African environment and infrastructure.

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    Project Management Team

    Our project management ensures projects are completed within scope and delivered on time. They also make sure projects are delivered within budget and are also responsible for effective delivery of all projects.The team is made up of multidisciplinary consultants with the capacity to address complex and technical computerization issues to smoothen and execute any project successfully.

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    HR & Administration Team

    Our administration team has the responsibility of ensuring that the administrative activities within our organization run efficiently, providing structure to other employees throughout the organization. The HR team is responsible for creating an atmosphere of equal employment opportunity for all staff and facilitating employee development.</.span>

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    HEI – JULOR Product Team

    The Hei – Julor team is responsible for guiding the success of our emergency alert system. The team is made up of sales, marketing, and customer service personnel. They produce and review product specifications and requirements, research new ideas and technologies to improve the product and also ensure the delivery of excellent customer service to ensure all problems are solved in the quickest possible time.

The Management





Chief Executive Officer


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