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We Have A Range of Products For Your Suite.

We are committed to ensuring that we are responsive to rapidly changing Information Technology and to the changes in our client’s environments. We want to enable our clients to leverage and exploit technological advances to give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our products provide top-end solutions to business problems facing both small and large scale companies.


Hei-Julor is a mobile phone-based emergency alert system built to protect yourself, home or business from attack. In an emergency situation such as a robbery attack, you can trigger and the system will alert up to 10 neighbors, family and friends as well as our security partners, Ghana Police, and partner radio stations. Find out more here: http://heijulor.softtribe.com/


Nkrumah ERP suite, a fully integrated software application providing SME’s with an integrated accounting, CRM, purchase, sales, manufacturing and inventory control functionality. Nkrumah provides a modular framework enabling clients to select only the appropriate modules for their business needs, whilst providing the flexibility for additional functionality to be easily added and integrated at a later point in time.


The SOFT HR Module (AMANFO) is a tried and tested Human Resource management system. AMANFO is driven by the self-service concept, which allows employees to view their personal profile, submit leave, loan and other requests, perform self-appraisal and give training feedback. The concept also allows managers to appraise subordinates, approve leave, loan and other requests and nominate subordinates for training.  AMANFO is Africa’s leading HR solution and is capable of providing strong yet flexible granular security whereby users will only see what they have been given authority to view.


The AKATUA Payroll Management system is the strongest, most efficient, and robust Payroll solution in Ghana today. It is the most widely used solution in Ghana and has been the market leader for over a decade now. Besides simplifying the payment of salaries on time, maintenance of taxes, deductions and back pay as well as other complex payroll issues, it provides the security, ease of use and flexibility requested by our environment. Information is always up-to-date, so users can easily view the specific information they need to make informed decisions. Much more than just a Payroll Management tool, ‘AKATUA’ runs on the globally acclaimed Microsoft ERP- Dynamics NAV platform.


Microsoft Dynamics NAVISION is a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that provides midsize and large businesses greater control over their financials and can simplify their supply chain, manufacturing, and operations. It is quick to implement and easy to use, with the power to support your growth ambition.


We design and implement electronic registration, meter reading, billing, payment via bank integration, mobile money channels, third-party payment platforms, new service connections, and disconnections, call center service and management solutions to improve the operations of utility companies. Our systems also assist them to generate revenues efficiently from the customers on both the post-paid and the prepaid metering system.


Our E-Government solutions incorporate the provision of engineered products to tackle branchless banking, tax collection, vehicle licensing and registration, warehouse and stock management, insurance management, asset tagging and tracking systems.


The POS system we provide is designed to handle the inventory, sales, logistics and purchasing information of any company. Our restaurant management software tracks sales, inventory, stocks, billing and queue management. The restaurant management system has functionality for split table handling, day and night shift management as well as kitchen based order slips for placing orders.


Upon the request of our clients, we tailor make software that suits the specified needs of companies, individuals or governments. Our custom-made solutions are dynamic and can be tweaked at any point in time to add or remove functionality.